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[Webinar] 6 Steps to ENRICHING Your Romantic Relationships Overnight

What does this topic have to do with coaching?  Actually, a ton!

#1) We ALL have intimate relationships and if they’re not fulfilling, nothing we do in business will overcome that lack of joy and happiness.

At least 90% of your overall happiness in life will be determined by how solid your relationships are.  They simply cannot be ignored if you want true success.

#2) Even if you have great relationship, most of your clients will have relationship challenges at some point in time that you can help them through.

So keep this information in your back pocket to draw upon when needed for others.

The fact is that most relationships have a lot of disconnect, irritation, pain, etc.  And my view on how to strengthen your relationships is somewhat controversial and counterintuitive.

The way to create more closeness with your partner is actually through SEPARATION. That doesn’t mean you should break up or physically separate, but rather detach emotionally and energetically.

Each person in the relationship must take 100% responsibility (instead of 50-50) for their own individual happiness and joy. And also relieve your partner of the responsibility to fill all of your personal needs.

The result is a much cleaner, happier and healthier union between two whole and complete people.

Please let me know your thoughts.

=) Sean