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[Video] Two Simple Ways You Can Create Recurring Revenue

While most people are just focused on how to be a life coach, I want you to focus also on how to build a life coaching BUSINESS.

Many really talented people are only learning about life coach training, getting certified, how to get coaching clients, etc.  And those are all important, but you must also create the foundational business systems that will keep your purpose funded.  Otherwise, you simply won’t be around that long.

One of the best ways I know of is to implement systems where you get paid continuously, also known as recurring revenue.

In the video below, I’ll share with you the 2 main ways we’ve created recurring revenue to the point where nearly every single day we have money coming into our bank account.

In fact, I counted recently and learned that there have been less than 20 days since the end of 2006 that we didn’t receive any payments.  Not bad.

Some days are big, some days are small, but it’s the continuous income that really makes a difference for our energy as coaches.

If you are stressed out about where the money is going to come from, your business will suffer.  You’ll likely make money decisions instead of legacy decisions.

In the box below, please leave me a comment about the content of the video OR share your own strategies for building continual revenue that have worked really well for you.


[Video] 5 Ways to Build Immediate Rapport with Prospects & Clients

If you want to learn how to be a life coach or how to get coaching clients, one of the most critical skills you can have is the ability to build rapport with people.

Rapport is a deep connection with someone else, a state of trust and responsiveness.  With rapport, you are more magnetic, influential and persuasive.  Without rapport, you are nearly powerless.

In this video, Sean teaches 5 basic ways to build rapport immediately…

Once you learn, practice and eventually master these 5 basic principles, your confidence and ability to guide people to live better lives will go through the roof.


In watching this video, I started noticing how many times I said a certain word.  So the contest is…

(drum roll please)

How many times do I say the word “really” in this video?  =)

Post your answer below, as well as any thought or question you have about the content.  We’ll randomly draw a winner from all the people who have the answer correct, and send you a free audio program that goes much deeper into this skillset.

Good luck…

[Audio] The Information Age is Over, We’re Now in the Transformation Age

[audio:https://www.coachesupdate.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/PowerOfImplementation.mp3|titles=The Information Age is Over – You Must Implement]

Because the internet is a couple decades old now (yikes!), we must face it – the Information Age has passed us by.

We are now traveling in the Transformation Age.  People want to be transformed from where they are now to a better place.

They want…

  • better relationships
  • better financial status
  • a better body

Simply put, people just want a BETTER LIFE.

However, the only way to get ‘better‘ is to get moving!  The key to transformation is implementation.

Without action, there cannot be progress.

Therefore, we as coaches, trainers and speakers must focus on implementation with our clients, or else our work is useless.

Here’s a great question to ask yourself… “What would you do differently if your income was dependent on your clients’ results?”

Please share your thoughts below, about how you would operate in your business if you only got paid after your clients succeeded…

[Article] Rules, Tools & Pools – 3 Common Mistakes Coaches Make

Most people who want to learn how to be a life coach have all the desire in the world, a heart of gold, and a great work ethic.  I applaud you.  Helping others live a better life is the most noble thing you can do.

But the vast majority of new coaches don’t get their businesses off the ground successfully because they never master how to get coaching clients.  (pretty important piece of the recipe)

There are 3 main reasons new coaches struggle to build their businesses – Rules, Tools & Pools.

1 – Quit Looking for the Rules

Too many coaches are restricting themselves by searching for the “right” and “wrong” things to do in their business.  I always hear questions like…

  • How much should I charge for my products, programs & events?
  • How long should my teleseminars/videos/webinars be?
  • How should I be marketing to my audience?

The answer is always… it depends.  It depends on your industry, your perceived valued, your positioning, your strengths, your ideal client’s desires, etc.

Now I know that’s not what most people want to hear, because they always like to be sold a one-size-fits-all-so-I-don’t-have-to-think system.  But those don’t work.  Stop buying them.

You bring your own unique qualities to the market.  You have a personality and a perspective that nobody else has.  And so does your ideal prospect.  Don’t try to fit all that into a generic box.

Of course, there are fundamental concepts that cannot be avoided or ignored, if you want to succeed in business.  But on top of those fundamentals, put your own authentic ingredients into the recipe.  That’s how to stand out and get people to notice.  

We don’t want your version of someone else.  We want YOU.

2 – Quit Selling Your Tools

This is easily the biggest marketing mistake I see new coaches make.  And it’s deadly!  Let me explain this one with an analogy.

If I have a splinter in my thumb, I am only interested in one thing – GETTING IT OUT!  I want the pain to stop.

If you tell me you can help get it out, I’ll hire you.  And I really don’t care if you plan to use tweezers, duct tape or your teeth!  I just want it out.  I’m interested in the result, not the tool you plan to use. 

Marketing is the same way.  Sell outcomes.  All the time.

The challenge is that new coaches tend to be really proud of the shiny new tools and certifications and skills they’ve learned along the way to becoming a coach.

And we tend to think people are going to be as excited about the shiny tools as we are.  But you have to remember that you are on the other side of your breakthrough, and from that reflective point of view, you see the value in the tools.

But your prospects are still standing in their ‘stuff’.  They just want the breakthrough.  

So, don’t talk about your EFT, ICC, or LMNOP coaching skills.  Talk about what those coaching skills will help people achieve.  Will they experience more happiness and fulfillment?  Financial abundance?  Better relationships?

That’s what people buy.  They want the view from the top of the hill, they don’t want to buy the hill.

3 – Quit Putting People into Pools

What would make you feel more special… somebody communicating with you individually, taking the time to know what you want and how they can help you specifically, or being thrown into a big pool of people with someone yelling at all of you at the same time through a bullhorn?

Yeah, me too.

If you really want to create connection (you better), market and communicate with a single person, your seeker.  

Somebody out there is desperately seeking the wisdom you, and only you, have inside your head.  Your job is to get in front of, speak with, and serve that single person.  Individually.

But if you’re like most coaches, you might not want to do that.  It’s often referred to as “finding your niche” and it’s the most resisted piece of advice I ever give when I teach marketing to life and business coaches.  

And I get it.  I violently resisted it too.  But then I had to file bankruptcy because I broke this fundamental principle over and over again.  That’s when I finally stopped resisting.

Most new coaches try to be everything to everybody, which I completely understand.  Your stuff can probably help most people improve their lives.  The problem, however, is that you can’t communicate with “most people” at the same time.

Markets don’t buy things.  Groups don’t buy things.  Individual people buy things.

Now, if you do want to help more than one seeker, that’s fine.  Just speak to them separately.  Aside from my coaching for coaches platform, I also have a passion for…

  • advising parents how to raise empowered kids
  • helping entrepreneurs get rid of internal fears & limiting beliefs
  • teaching couples how to E.N.R.I.C.H. their relationships
  • empowering speakers to be magnetic, compelling & persuasive on stage

But, I would never try to talk to them all at the same time.  Seriously, that’s just rude!  =)


When you avoid these 3 costly mistakes, you’ll set yourself up to succeed and separate you as well as your business from the herd instead of blending into the crowd.

In today’s world, where people are being yelled at and marketed to constantly, that’s imperative!  

Have the courage to be unique, the wisdom to offer people what they want to buy, and the courtesy to serve them individually.  Then, watch your business take off!

Let me know your thoughts…