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The $1M Business Model for Coaches

Most coaches want to create 6-figure or 7-figure incomes. Now, after a decade of research, Sean Smith has finally figured out the BEST business model for creating that kind of wealth. He wants to share with you the #1 business model to create a $1 Million coaching empire.

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[Tutorial] Welcome Video Guidelines

Let’s talk about Welcome Videos!

First, welcome videos are not necessary (you always want to test to see if it helps you increase your optins). But if you do choose to have a welcome video on your website as a life coach to help you get coaching clients, here are some simple guidelines for you to follow.



Many people don’t have any strategy at all when doing a welcome video, and therefore it doesn’t do what it’s designed to do – welcome people, create rapport with them, give them a taste of what you’re all about, and tell them what to do next.

All in roughly 2 minutes or less! =)


How to Easily Put a Custom Tab for an Optin Page on Your Facebook FanPage

Coaching for Coaches – To build a tribe and continue to get coaching clients, one of the best things you can do is create an optin page that you can embed right into your Facebook fanpage.

It’s a great traffic strategy, and this tutorial will show you step-by-step how to put a custom optin tab on your fanpage in just a few minutes.


Then, you have a better chance for your FB ads to be approved, since the traffic will be staying on the Facebook site.

For more information on the LeadPages software that allows you to do this, plus so much more, click here.

13 Tips to Build Your Confidence and Coaching Business

Coaching for Coaches: If you’re interested in how to get coaching clients and build your business, these 13 tips will help!

Coach Sean Smith’s Marketing Mastery for Coaches students have a dozen tips for you to build your coaching business – what it really takes, both internally and externally.

When you put these tips in play (yes, you must implement!), you’ll create much better connection with your clients and potential clients, and you’ll just have more fun!


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Welcome to the Coaches Update community!  😉 

You’ll find tons of resources on how to be a life coach, how to get coaching clients, life coach training, and all kinds of other coaching for coaches.

As promised, here is your Free Consultation Guide for Coaches – a flow you can start immediately using to get paying clients.

Screen shot - Free Consultation Guide

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 If you have any questions at all, or just want to leave a comment, please do so below.

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On this training call, you’ll learn:

  • Whether to charge for your consultations, or do them for free
  • What MUST HAPPEN for a prospect to buy your coaching program
  • The one thing that will guarantee someone DOES NOT hire you
  • The only two reasons people pay for coaching
  • The biggest energetic shift for you to get more clients
  • The best state of mind for you to be in on your consultations
  • The ONLY THING you should ever be selling as a coach
  • And much, much more…


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The handout used in this training call is slightly different than the stand alone guide from above.  Click here to download the correct training handout.

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[Article] The 6 Step Framework for Coaching Transformation

As C.S. Lewis says, “Experience… the most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” 

Having been a full time coach for seven years now, and immersing myself in what truly makes the difference in people’s lives, I want to give you my “Transformation Framework” that EXPERIENCE has proven creates lasting change.

This framework will take you from A-Z in the process of truly creating transformation in someone’s life.

The end result:  You I.G.N.I.T.E their soul, their heart, and the core truth!



You cannot move anyone from point A to point B without identifying their model of the world first. In this stage you are an investigator with ferocious curiosity.

The best way to influence someone is to find out what already influences them!

This is where you become a “master questioner,” and you’re gaining ultimate rapport because your client needs to know you understand them!

Some of what you might be looking for: what influences them, what they REALLY want, what they value, what they fear, what are their rules, what is their identity, what is their environment, what is their “story”, etc.

If you’re doing any in-person coaching, this is also where you might be looking for their representational systems (a more advanced topic) through their physiology and language. But even if coaching via phone, matching and mirroring someone’s communication style is an ultimate rapport builder, and will allow you to influence your client more effectively.

People like people who are like themselves!


If your client is facing a challenge, but has zero desire to move from where they are, no amount of coaching is going to work.  You must have leverage to be influential.

Change is never a matter of ability, but always a matter of motivation.

So, we do two things before any change work can happen. We must discover resources that will commit them to solving their problem (leverage).  And we want to ask permission from our clients if they want our help to change NOW.


  • The greatest leverage comes from wherever they have IMMEDIATE pain NOW, and IMMEDIATE pleasure NOW.
  • Knowing the person’s highest values is usually where you’ll find the greatest emotion.
  • Realize you are NOT serving the client if you let them out of totally associating to their pain. That’s ultimately what will move them, so you want to identify it, associate them with it, and even enhance it in a future setting if they don’t change NOW.


  • If you don’t do this, what will it mean?
  • If you don’t change this, what will it cost you?
  • What is missing? What are you missing out on now and in the future?
  • Who will the pattern or behavior hurt?


Once the person is committed to their change, the next step is for THEM to identify what they’d rather be thinking, feeling, or experiencing instead.

The goal in the new outcome stage is that they feel their change is not only possible, but they have a new destination that’s solvable and realistic for them.

Make sure they are crystal clear about their new desired outcome. You may have to help them with this by asking some great questions.

Most people focus so much on what they don’t want, they aren’t clear about what they DO want.


This stage is where you’re doing the internal work to help tip the switch for real, long lasting change.

The end outcome in this stage is replacing the old belief, identity, story, meaning, pattern, strategy or emotion with a new one that serves the client better. This work is all “under the surface” since our external results are always a result of our core beliefs or inner framework.

I believe the best tools for this comes from NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming).  I facilitate a coaching for coaches’ course all over the country on this topic because there are no problems I’ve ever encountered that cannot be cleared through NLP work. But it obviously takes practice and dedication to master these skills.


Now you have moved your client from what doesn’t work, and they have new distinctions and awareness for a new outcome.

So, here we want to test the congruency of the new idea, emotion, identity, pattern, thoughts, etc..

Any thought or emotion that you condition enough will become a HABIT.

Examples to test:

  • Can you imagine a time in the future when you might be in a similar situation, and what happens?
  • How differently would you be living your life with this new change/distinction etc..?
  • What would be different from this point on while you’re living in this place?

You also want to connect them to a higher purpose by them making this change. Typically, people will do more for others, than they will for themselves. And especially if their new identity is wrapped into THEIR mission, or the reason they’re on this planet! Whew… you’ve hit a homerun if you can truly connect them on this level.


Even when people have significant internal shifts, they often don’t prepare themselves to KEEP the changes going forward.  It’s crucial for us as coaches to empower them up to succeed by having some kind of action plan, accountability, execution strategy, or reporting any forward movement.

This is where your role as a coach is like a fitness trainer. You’re holding them accountable for something to be done in between your sessions, or interactions.


  • Depending on the situation or challenge your client is facing, there are times you will go through this process in five minutes, and times it can take hours.
  • It’s important you don’t think of intervention work as a step-by-step process while you’re going through it. It’s an art you practice. Sometimes you’ll go in the exact I.G.N.I.T.E. framework, and other times you’ll find you might be in the middle of “Inner Work” and then retreat back to “Getting Leverage.” Key is to be PRESENT! Embody this process as a framework, not as a rule.
  • Please keep in mind: I do full immersion courses over an entire year to master this process. This is an introduction to a framework I know works! If you want to learn this on a deeper level, please email me directly.

Much Success…



[Article] Should Professional Coaches be Required to Have a Certification?

This is a controversial topic.

Many people think all professional coaches *should* have a certification from a recognized coach training school, such as the International Coach Federation.  Most of the time, in my experience anyway, those people are the recognized training institutions themselves, or their graduates.  =)

Other people like the fact that anyone can hang their “PROFESSIONAL COACH” shingle outside their door and open up shop.

Here’s my humble opinion…

We have to start with the purpose of coaching.  At its core, coaching is about helping people better their lives in some way.  Extremely valuable and noble cause.

If somebody wants to pay for that, who’s to say they shouldn’t be able to, or that the coach shouldn’t be able to accept the payment?  We’re talking about the freedom of investment here.  (Isn’t that in the Bill of Rights?)

Anyway, if you have a leaky faucet and you want somebody to fix it, shouldn’t you be able to pay your un-certified, non-board-recognized neighbor, assuming he knows how to get the result you want?

On the other hand…

We could argue that professional life and business coaching is much more meaningful, since we’re dealing with someone’s LIFE, not their faucet.  Different ball of wax.

And since the “job” at hand can be very sensitive, where you’re opening up people’s emotions and giving them advice to put into action, there should be a standard that all coaches have to live by.  A hoop of proficiency we all must jump through.

After all, we definitely don’t want a bunch of incompetent “coaches” giving irresponsible advice and harming people or giving the industry a bad name, do we?

Honestly, I get both points.  As a coach, I certainly take pride in my craft and want the industry to have a standard of excellence.

The challenge, however, is where do you draw the line?  And who’s going to enforce it?  And which company or collection of organizations will be giving out this recognized certification?  What makes them qualified?

Are the state governments going to have to get involved?  If so, which issues are they going to take off the table so they can invest time and a lot of money deciding who gets to open a coaching business?


I think this debate is a lot of energy misspent.  And did you notice over the last several paragraphs that I haven’t mentioned, and you haven’t thought about, the essence of coaching, which is to help people?

All the arguing pulls us in the wrong direction.  If you want to help people, help people.  If you want to charge people, charge people.  If they want to pay you, accept it.

If you had a bleeding splinter in your thumb and I had tweezers,
would you really ask me if I was certified to use them?

In my 7 years as a professional coach, I’ve been asked less than 5 times by prospective clients if I have a certification.  (I do)  But before answering, I always ask why they want to know.  I usually either hear crickets or some form of backpedaling into “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

At the end of the day, people care less about what’s hanging on your wall, and more about what you can help them overcome.

I will say this though – the most important skill as a coach is the 100% certainty behind KNOWING you can help somebody change their lives.  That knowingness is attractive and without it, you’ll fail.

For most people, that level of certainty requires a lot of artful skills.  And at the end of the seminar where they teach those skills, you usually walk away with a certification.

But the power isn’t in the piece of paper.  The power is in your ability to change lives.

I’ve often asked people, “Do you want a drivers license, or do you want to know how to drive?”  There are plenty of people out there with recognized, certified drivers licenses whom I would NOT let drive my children around!

So, do I think you should have a certification?  YES.

Not because I have one.  And not because I think you need to be recognized by a board to get into my fraternity.  You should be certified because you’ll become a better coach with more confidence in the process of certification.

Then, you can go help the people who are desperately seeking your knowledge.

~ Sean




[Video] Creating Confidence and Fulfillment in Your Business

Always remember one of the most important reasons why you’re an entrepreneur – to have the TIME and FREEDOM to do the things that you love.

Too often, however, coaches sacrifice some or all of the activities that are important to them, on their way to “success”.  Don’t let yourself fall into that trap!

It sends a very dangerous message that success = sacrifice. And sacrifice is just a few short steps away from resentment.

If you’re serious about building a meaningful, lost-lasting coaching business, you actually have an obligation to yourself and your clients to keep doing the things you truly love.

There is a spill over effect, meaning the more you put your passions into your schedule, the more passionate you will be in all areas of your life, including your business.

Right now, take a moment to write down at least one thing that you haven’t been doing enough of, something that you’re committed to putting back into your daily or weekly schedules so it becomes a priority.

If you’re willing to, please share that commitment below.

Wishing you success & fulfillment,

[Video] My Father’s Final Words to Me

Sean and his Dad at Sean's wedding

Today is a very special day for me.  On Feb. 8th, 2011 my dad, Robert Craig Smith, died after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

But not before he left me with 14 words that forever changed my life

In the days leading up to his death, he had given up the will to live.  He entered Hospice care 4 days earlier, on a hospital bed in our family room, and asked the nurses to medicate him heavily until he dies.

They gave him his wish.  Two adhesive patches stuck directly on his skin, constantly injecting his body with heavy pain killers.

He was still able to communicate and kept telling me that he wasn’t in any pain.  But he also wasn’t my dad anymore.

He was in some altered state of consciousness, not remembering where he was, or that he had cancer, or who my wife and children were at times.

I knew the end was near, and my unspoken words were beginning to crush me from within.  There were still things I needed to stay, messages he needed to hear.

Finally, I couldn’t take the anxiety anymore.  I called the nurse, told her I was emotionally incomplete, and asked if I could remove the pain patches for just a little while.

I wanted one more conversation with my dad

The love I still have for my dad is clearly as strong as ever, as I’m tearing up writing these words now.  I miss him dearly.  I wish I could give him just one more hug.

On Sunday morning, I took the pain patches off his shoulder.  By Sunday evening, he was himself again.

My wife and 2 children said goodnight to him, sensing it would be the last time they’d ever do that.

I stayed with him, held his hand, cried, and unloaded my heart.

I told him how much he meant to me, what kind of father he was, and the legacy he was leaving behind.  I told him I loved him so much, and was honored to be his son.

I asked if he was complete, and he said yes.

I asked if he needed to see or talk to anyone else before he goes, and he said no.

Then I asked, “Dad, how can I make you proud after you’re gone?”

He shook his head as though I had asked a silly question, and answered immediately.

“Be who you can be
Do what you can do
Live a good life”

I felt those words land on my heart.  He had given me a torch of true wisdom that I was obligated to share with everyone I cross paths with along my journey.

I’ll do my best, dad.

Sean and his Dad at Sean's wedding

Shortly thereafter I told him what I had done, taking off the pain patches for one final chat.  He said “Seanie, thank you son.  I love you.  Now put those things back on!”

When he said he was complete, he meant it!  =)

Thank you for listening to MY story.  This post might seemingly have nothing to do with building your business.  But in reality, it has EVERYTHING to do with building your business.

YOU are your business.  Don’t hide.  Don’t dumb it down.  Don’t lie.  The world needs YOU to be transparent, authentic and honest.

Tell your story.  Live your story.  Become your story.

[Video] Two Simple Ways You Can Create Recurring Revenue

While most people are just focused on how to be a life coach, I want you to focus also on how to build a life coaching BUSINESS.

Many really talented people are only learning about life coach training, getting certified, how to get coaching clients, etc.  And those are all important, but you must also create the foundational business systems that will keep your purpose funded.  Otherwise, you simply won’t be around that long.

One of the best ways I know of is to implement systems where you get paid continuously, also known as recurring revenue.

In the video below, I’ll share with you the 2 main ways we’ve created recurring revenue to the point where nearly every single day we have money coming into our bank account.

In fact, I counted recently and learned that there have been less than 20 days since the end of 2006 that we didn’t receive any payments.  Not bad.

Some days are big, some days are small, but it’s the continuous income that really makes a difference for our energy as coaches.

If you are stressed out about where the money is going to come from, your business will suffer.  You’ll likely make money decisions instead of legacy decisions.

In the box below, please leave me a comment about the content of the video OR share your own strategies for building continual revenue that have worked really well for you.