[Video] Massive Marketing Mistake – Selling the Hill Instead of the View

Selling the Hill

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Wanna know how to get coaching clients?  Avoid this mistake! =)

In this life coach training series, Sean explains why so many people who want to learn how to be a life coach really struggle getting clients — they are selling their products, programs and services from the WRONG PERSPECTIVE.

It can be very difficult to remember, but you absolutely must keep your seeker’s perspective in mind when marketing.

(At the 6:10 mark, I share the single most important concept in marketing that makes everything EASIER)

The problem is that people are not looking for what most coaches are trying to sell. And if you don’t give people what they want, and what they’re searching for, you ain’t gonna have clients!

This is one of my best pieces of advice when I’m coaching coaches, so please take it in.

And let’s fill your coaching business because people need us!

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19 thoughts on “[Video] Massive Marketing Mistake – Selling the Hill Instead of the View

  1. Mona

    Fun video, Sean! Your message makes complete sense.. .it’s hard to go back and put yourself in the shoes of your clients when you’re sooo glad you’re not there any more!

    Isn’t this quote saying about the same? “If you want someone to become a great builder of ships you must awaken the longing for the sea in them.”

    Take care, Mona

    1. Sean Smith

      Hi, Mona. Thanks for your comment. I haven’t heard that quote before, but I really like it – thanks for sharing. =) SS

  2. Kelly

    Oooo great point, I think I’ve already made that mistake a few times – time to change that and now I’ll recognize it soooo much quicker. Your analogy make it easy to spot!

    1. Sean Smith

      Awesome. Hopefully it cuts off many years and lots of wasted money from your learning curve. Huge lesson to have BEFORE you make the big mistakes. =)

  3. gloria

    Heyyyyy my friend, i could not hear anything… i tried by clicking on another video,and i did hear. but not on yours… what could it be?

  4. Erika

    Excellent video, Sean! This is an issue that surfacing a lot for me lately and I’m really grateful to be learning it now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Sean Smith

      You’re welcome, Erika. It’s such a huge, but very subtle problem that most speakers & coaches are troubled by. I hope this helps you shift your languaging a bit to have much better results. SS

  5. Valerie Remy-Milora

    Great insights Sean. It is so important to remember where we came from when sharing our message. We often are so excited about what we’ve discovered we forget how we felt before and tapping into that is indeed key to successfully connecting wit our clients. It’s also an important perspective to have as parents… It allows us to have a real dialogue rather than talk down and lecture our children or clients. Love the video too! It’s a refreshing and engaging way to share your message. Thanks!

    1. Sean Smith

      Oh boy! I’m super passionate about empowered parenting too, so thank you for bringing that into this conversation. You’re so right on. I appreciate your comments, and you. =)

  6. Marisela Abasta

    That was hilarious! and informative and exactly what I needed right now!!! I’m getting ready to start my workshops up again and sell some products I have developed. This information will change the way I market them and myself! Your video is a perfect way to teach at least for me. Thanks again Sean!!!
    Marisela Abasta

    1. Sean Smith

      Awesome, Marisela! So glad to hear you’re starting back up again. You have lots to share, and there are tons of people who are seeking your wisdom. Go… SS

  7. Joanne

    Great info, fun too.What you say makes a lot of sense. I love the way you put it across. Thanks Sean 🙂

  8. Takiyah Diamond

    That was awesome! Thank you Sean. I am so excited that I came across this today. I actually have my first Clarity call scheduled for tomorrow so this could not have been more on time than now!! I will be watching and sharing many more of your videos with other speakers and coaches that I know. God Bless you for what you do to help others!!


    Hi Sean! I was on the live call and you answered my question and gave valuable information. Love your video! Thank you for being my virtual mentor. I learn so much from your authenticity and wisdom.

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