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As promised, here is your Free Consultation Guide for Coaches – a flow you can start immediately using to get paying clients.

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On this training call, you’ll learn:

  • Whether to charge for your consultations, or do them for free
  • What MUST HAPPEN for a prospect to buy your coaching program
  • The one thing that will guarantee someone DOES NOT hire you
  • The only two reasons people pay for coaching
  • The biggest energetic shift for you to get more clients
  • The best state of mind for you to be in on your consultations
  • The ONLY THING you should ever be selling as a coach
  • And much, much more…


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The handout used in this training call is slightly different than the stand alone guide from above.  Click here to download the correct training handout.

And, if you want to download the training to your computer so you can listen later, just click the little circle icon to the right of the audio player.  Enjoy!

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