A Coach’s Most Valuable Asset

As a coach, or an aspiring coach, you have many assets of value: your uniqueness, your insight, your training, your mindset, your mentality, and your drive, just to name a few.  But your most valuable asset as a coach is not yours at all; it is the perspective of your seeker. 

Even though your abilities as a coach may allow you to help everyone, if you don’t have a clearly defined calling and market to serve, your message will be lost on the masses.  You need a select audience to serve & sell to, and the best way to build it is to get clear on a single seeker.  

How Do You Find Your Seeker?

The more vague you are in your marketing, the less attractive you’ll be to anyone.  When your message is meant to speak to everyone, no one will feel like you are speaking directly to them.  The more specific you speak to a seeker, the more attractive you will be, even to someone who is not your seeker.  People will be able to feel you talking directly to someone, and even if it’s not a message meant for them, the focus and clarity are still attractive.  Plus, there may be bits and pieces of what you say that does speak to them, or they may relate to what you’re saying in some way.

So how do you find out who your seeker is?

One way is to complete a market matrix template.  If you already feel called to work with certain people, or have an intuitive feeling you know who you’re meant to serve, I still recommend you do this exercise.

Create a spreadsheet or a grid on a piece of paper.  Across the top, make columns for:

Market List     Income Potential     Time to Market     Confidence/Knowledge     Passion     Ease/Lifestyle     Total

Underneath the heading Market List, write down potential markets that you can go after.  Who has asked you to work with them?  Who do you want to serve?  Who do you wish you could work with?  There are great questions to answer in order to generate a list to start.  Any of the markets you list could be your seeker, but completing the matrix can help you identify the best seeker to start serving.  

For fun, here are a few examples of markets you could list: single parents of sons, female engineers with MBAs, or men who like to bake.  There is no limit to who you can work with, and the more specific you can be, the better.

Next, rank each market on the income potential you feel they have.  Put a 1 next to the market with the highest income potential, a 2 next to the second highest, and so on, until you have ranked them all to the best of your ability.  (You could stop yourself here and say you need to do research to answer this accurately, but I recommend you keep going and just give them all a ranking, even if it seems arbitrary.)

Third, think about how much time it will take you to tap into each market.  Again, give them rankings, with 1 going to the market you could penetrate the fastest, and so on.

In the fourth column, give each market listed your confidence & knowledge ranking, with the market you know and feel most confident about scoring a 1, and continue until you’ve completed the list.

The fifth column is my favorite, and is where I want you to rank your passion for each market.  Assign a 1 to the market you are most passionate about, and number the others accordingly.

Now give ranking to each market based on your perception of how easy it would be for you to do and/or how well it fits into the lifestyle you want to create.  Start with 1 for the easiest or best fit, and a 2 for the next, etc.

Finally, add up the ranks you assigned in each column for every market you listed, and put it in the Total column.  

Whatever market received the lowest total ranking is the recommended market for you to pursue, and I want you to also consider how this intellectual process compares to your intuition.

Completing the market matrix template is a powerful exercise to help you decide what market to target first.  The next step is to start talking to the people you’ve identified.

Why Is Your Seeker’s Perspective Your Most Valuable Asset?

You literally want to start talking to your seeker.  You want to interview people who fit your seeker’s description to find out what makes them tick, what they think, what they want, what they fear, what they buy and why.  Their perspective is the best, most valuable asset you can have, because it will help you tailor your marketing and messages to something they will relate to and act upon.  

When you know what your seeker’s problems are and you can offer solutions as their coach, you can speak to them directly.  What can you offer them that they will find valuable?  Here’s a key to remember: People will buy from you when they know you understand them, not when they understand you.

It’s not about you simply sharing your message with the world.  People might understand your message when you do, but it won’t get them to take action.  However, when your message speaks to your seeker, they feel understood, and the impact is positive and full of potential.  Watch them follow where you lead. 

Want Help Identifying Your Seeker?

Now you know how important it is to identify your seeker and their unique perspective of the world.   Whether you are already a coach working to grow your business or aspiring to become a coach and build a new business, we can help.  Schedule a personal one-on-one call with a certified coach to find out how.  Simply visit https://calendly.com/ecu/elitecoachinguniversity-eccp/ to get your complimentary session now, or call 805-552-4423 or email info@CoachSeanSmith.com.