[Video] 5 Ways to Build Immediate Rapport with Prospects & Clients

If you want to learn how to be a life coach or how to get coaching clients, one of the most critical skills you can have is the ability to build rapport with people.

Rapport is a deep connection with someone else, a state of trust and responsiveness.  With rapport, you are more magnetic, influential and persuasive.  Without rapport, you are nearly powerless.

In this video, Sean teaches 5 basic ways to build rapport immediately…

Once you learn, practice and eventually master these 5 basic principles, your confidence and ability to guide people to live better lives will go through the roof.


In watching this video, I started noticing how many times I said a certain word.  So the contest is…

(drum roll please)

How many times do I say the word “really” in this video?  =)

Post your answer below, as well as any thought or question you have about the content.  We’ll randomly draw a winner from all the people who have the answer correct, and send you a free audio program that goes much deeper into this skillset.

Good luck…

14 thoughts on “[Video] 5 Ways to Build Immediate Rapport with Prospects & Clients

  1. Maryalic

    Hi Sean!
    Great info and I agree! Question – how do you calm someone down to breathe and gather their thoughts if they are emotionally spiraling? Would you not want to be a more calm influence so they can subconsciously match you? Does that make sense? It’s what I do and is effective. What do you do?
    Thank you!

    1. Sean

      Hey, Maryalice! Great question. Yes, the goal is ultimately to calm them down by leading the way. As soon as you’re in rapport, you can do that. Sometimes, you’ll have to match them first to get into rapport, then you can start slowing down your breathing, calming your body language, and they will follow. It sounds like you’re already in rapport with them and it’s working. Great job! If it ever seems to not be working, move closer to their patterns first. Make sense?

  2. Romeo

    This video has some major nuggets and great reminders. I connect and coach people on daily basis…and you made me realize some of the habits that I need to be more aware of. Your authenticity is key in this video…which is why I ALWAYS enjoy anything you push out online via blog, video, etc. Not only the authenticity, but your playful, fun attitude. You are a great reminder that it’s okay to have fun in the process! Thanks Sean! Look forward to the next one!!!

    1. Sean

      Romeo! Thanks, brotha! I appreciate your comments a ton. What are some of those habits that you’re going to be more aware of?

  3. Sara

    Totally valuable info Sean! Really makes a lot of sense and I’ll begin using it immediately. Thank you for creating such enrolling, funny and engaging videos! Love it!

  4. Scott

    I couldn’t agree more. Developing rapport is a lost art. Especially as we become more reliant on technology to do the communicating for us. The ability to relate to people and develop a connection will be a necessary skill for many years to come. Especially in the field of coaching where you want people to feel comfortable opening up. Thanks for placing a priority on this topic.

    1. Sean

      So true! The more technologically dependent we’ve become, the less connected we are. It’s too easy for people to retreat into their smart phones instead of look people in the eyes. And I agree – no matter how advanced we get, the ability and willingness to connect will always be crucial. Especially in coaching.

    1. Sean

      Yeah, I totally agree Scott. Emotional connection is the key for marketing, speaking, coaching, relationships… And unfortunately, it’s the thing so many people are afraid of. With connection, customers WANT you to market to them, they WANT to buy your stuff, they WANT to tell their friends about you. Thanks for that reminder. Time to go eat a Twinkie now…

  5. Kathy Sparrow

    Hi Sean, I just love the value that you bring to us. You give wholeheartedly and convey your message in a way that always leaves me smiling. Thank you! And to be honest, I was so wrapped up in your message that I didn’t even think about counting the “really’s.”

  6. Geoff

    Hey Sean, this is a great video, so many people could become even more effective in their communication. thanks for sharing your knowledge

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