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[Video] Massive Marketing Mistake – Selling the Hill Instead of the View

Wanna know how to get coaching clients?  Avoid this mistake! =) In this life coach training series, Sean explains why so many people who want to learn how to be a life coach really struggle getting clients — they are selling their products, programs and services from the WRONG PERSPECTIVE. It can be very difficult Continue Reading »

Coaching the Suicidal Client

Disclaimer: I have NOT been certified by any organization to specifically deal with suicide. In this post, I am simply sharing my thoughts for discussion purposes, based on my certification methods, being applied to a suicidal client. Do NOT take these thoughts as “the way to coach suicidal clients” as there is no such thing. Continue Reading »

The I.G.N.I.T.E. Coaching Framework

As coaches, want to I.G.N.I.T.E. our clients.  We want to fire them up and keep fueling that flame so it burns brightly for all to see, and lights the path to achieving their goals & dreams.  To help make this happen, the I.G.N.I.T.E. framework was created to guide coaches as they work with their clients.  Continue Reading »

A Coach’s Most Valuable Asset

As a coach, or an aspiring coach, you have many assets of value: your uniqueness, your insight, your training, your mindset, your mentality, and your drive, just to name a few.  But your most valuable asset as a coach is not yours at all; it is the perspective of your seeker.  Even though your abilities Continue Reading »

The $1M Business Model for Coaches

Most coaches want to create 6-figure or 7-figure incomes. Now, after a decade of research, Sean Smith has finally figured out the BEST business model for creating that kind of wealth. He wants to share with you the #1 business model to create a $1 Million coaching empire. Watch this short video for all the Continue Reading »

[Webinar] 6 Steps to ENRICHING Your Romantic Relationships Overnight

What does this topic have to do with coaching?  Actually, a ton! #1) We ALL have intimate relationships and if they’re not fulfilling, nothing we do in business will overcome that lack of joy and happiness. At least 90% of your overall happiness in life will be determined by how solid your relationships are.  They Continue Reading »